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Home Solar Energy Systems

So, you have made the decision to check into this solar idea. Great choice. Believe us, there is nothing more liberating than reducing your dependence on the power company.

You may have several very good reasons in considering solar as an option. It may be due to solar’s environmental impact or you have finally had enough of the power company prices going up. You may just want to add real value to your home or property. No matter the reason, Synergy Solar will help you make the most of your investment. There are many ways we can help that can match your budget and your needs.

Solar is More Efficient

It’s true. Every bit of sun that hits your panel is ready for use. Your roof is delivering energy directly to your home with almost 0% current loss. Power companies lose 60% of your power from a factor known as line loss. Basically, it’s from dissipating heat during the transmission to your home. You still must pay for it, but it’s not nearly as efficient as solar. Solar does not meter out in surges or dips and it never fluctuates in price like power company electricity does.

Energy Storage

Storage for your solar power ensures that you have the power you need when you need it the most. We use the best names in battery storage and will match the storage with your wants. Solar battery units are much more efficient today and last longer as well. Many manufacturers have longevity guarantees. Contact us at Synergy Solar to learn more.