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Small Business Solar

Small Business Savings Alert!!!

Let’s face it, businesses use more power than homes so going solar is a sincerely wise investment. A small business solar system when combined with energy tax credits can literally pay for themselves in 4-6 years. There are always methods to reduce your energy costs from the power company but there is nothing better than saying goodbye to electric company dependence. Warehouses, barns, farm buildings and more can all move off the grid. We tailor the system to your business size and your growth. It’s a win-win for your bottom-line.

Property Owners & Property Investors

As a property owner/investor, you are always searching for ways to increase your value. Solar is a very smart way to do just that. Solar will make your electricity costs go down. Income and profits get diverted to cash flow and is no longer going to cover the electric bill. Once your system is paid for, the increase in value also goes up. Even apartment building or condo owners reap the benefits from solar in much the same way. Call the team at Synergy Solar to learn how. 

You’re going green and banking the green at the same time.

Solar Over Parking

Get in on the solar panel installation over covered parking areas at the airport, at the apartment complex, at your business at schools and hospitals. All these businesses can reap great profits, tax credit and the prestige that comes with being environmentally conscious. Call us today to get started.