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Energy Rates  Are Rising

Lock in your cost of energy with residential solar power and experience the difference Synergy Solar can make in your monthly electric bill!


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Go Green – Go Solar - Save Money

Synergy Solar in Jacksonville, FL has been preaching the value and proving it every day to our happy customers all across North Central Florida and the surrounding areas.

Much to everyone’s surprise, solar is not difficult to get and pays big when you finally get off the power company grid. Utility companies are always asking for rate increases and they don’t deliver anything new for the extra cost the consumer has to pay. They make more money and you never get to truly “OWN” the energy you pay for.

Your Power Bill Shrinks Drastically & Can Be Gone Completely

It’s going to feel really good to fire the electric company. You may need them for a short while as you ramp up. We can show you how to ultimately walk away from the ridiculous up charges and fees.

Ownership of Your OWN POWER

This is what freedom from the utility company is all about.

Adding items like energy storage for your home or business means you can store extra power for those nasty Florida storm days.

You Just Went Green. The Planet Thanks You!

Going Solar means, you are now an environmentally conscious consumer of the Sun’s power. It’s liberating and it’s green and you’ll join thousands of Florida residents that are cutting the carbon and going solar.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Just like overpaying those energy companies, you want to get a solar panel installed that fits what you need with room to grow. We offer a free evaluation where we work directly with our customers in developing the ideal solar installation

plan for their home or business.

You want a solar solution that you can depend on and it needs to be worry-free.

Call the professionals at Synergy Solar today to get started.